Missoula in Session

Legislature Adjourned

The Montana Legislature adjourned its 68th Session on May 2, 2023.  City staff will update this page in the coming weeks with summary information about the session.  You can sign up for notifications to receive City Council Committee meeting agendas to learn when the session report will be discussed at the Committee of the Whole.

City-Related Legislation

The City of Missoula tracks proposed state legislation that may affect the City.  The 2023 legislative session starts on January 2.  This page will be updated with bills the City is tracking at that time. You can sign up for notifications from us when the highest-priority bills we're tracking have a hearing or vote coming up.  If you have a suggestion or question about this page, send us an email.

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Getting Involved

Talk to your Legislators

It's important for legislators to hear directly from you, their constituents, about pending legislation.  You can find your legislators and contact them by phone, email, or mail.  You can also provide testimony if the bill has an upcoming hearing.  

Building Your Own List

The state's LAWS website allows users to create their own preference list.  You can customize your list to include only the bills you are interested in and even set it up to receive notifications directly from the state.  This is a great way to stay involved and informed on the issues that are most important to you.


The 2023 Legislature passed Senate Bill 358, which requires us to post this lobbying information on our website.  The City of Missoula entered into a lobbying agreement with Central House Strategies on September 6, 2022.  The contract period runs September 2022 through May 31, 2023 and totals $38,000.  There are no automatic extensions to the agreement.  All bills the City lobbied on or took a position on, either through Central House Strategies or directly through staff, are available in this list.  Reports are provided to City Council at their regular meetings under new business during the legislative session, January through May of odd-numbered years.