What's My Zoning?

How to Use "What's My Zoning":

  • Zoom to an address by searching for it in the "Near Me Search" tool, which will pop up in the top left corner when the map opens.
  • The Parcels layer appears when zoomed in and can be clicked to show property information.
  • Land Use and Zoning layers also display information when clicked.
  • Layers can be toggled on and off using the Layer List icon (second from the left) of the toolbar in the top right.
  • Base maps can be changed with the center icon of the toolbar in the top right.
  • A Print tool is found on the top right toolbar. Print allows downloading a map as a PDF.

Downloadable zoning maps and Title 20 Zoning Ordinance are also available. Call the Development Services information desk, (406) 552-6625, for more information on which requirements may apply to your zoning district. Maps are for reference only.

Is this a City or County zoning designation?

This map is currently limited to City Zoning. For County zoning questions, please contact the County Planning Information Desk or visit the County's Property Information System.

What's My Zoning Update

What's My Zoning has been updated with an all new map as of September, 2021. Both the "original" version and the "updated" version will be available for a limited time. Soon, the original version will not be posted here and the City will stop maintaining this version. All updates to zoning and addition of new zoning-related information will occur on the updated version of What's My Zoning. The updated version is now shown in the map below.

The updated version of What's My Zoning works similarly to the original version, though there are a few changes in the way it works. For an explanation of how to use the "Near Me Search" tool, please select the How to Guide/About icon at the top left of the map (leftmost icon)

The original version can still be accessed for the time being. However, any recent zoning updates will not be reflected in this map. We recommend using the original version as a backup if you come across any issues with the updated version (since we do anticipate some minor issues arising as this map is a work in progress).

What's My Zoning (Original)

Full-screen Map

This is a Work-In-Progress map and is subject to change.