Cremation Walls - $728 to $1,456/Niche

  2. BLACK GRANITE $728 - $1,040
  3. GREEN GRANITE $728 - $1,456
  4. RED GRANITE $728 - $1,040
Cost: Niche cost varies by wall
Includes: Niche, weekday opening and closing, and inscription
Size: Niche size varies by wall
Urn: Permanent container must meet size restriction of niche
The cemetery reserves the right to transfer cremations to conforming containers at the time of interment.
Inscription: Standard template used.  No embellishments allowed.

Our cemetery offers a variety of cremation wall options.  All of our walls have an economical flat fee and are ADA accessible.

Niche wall name abbreviations as shown in the interment registry and on niche wall maps are:

Bronze Walls:                            DEV-E        HAR-N          SER-S

Black Granite Walls:            ROS-E       ROS-W         VIO-E          VIO-W

Green Granite Walls:          ASTOR      CROCUS      DAHLIA

Red Granite Walls:              TRA-E        TRA-W          TRA-N         TRA-S

Please review niche rules and regulations (PDF)

Helpful suggestions:

  • No taping flowers, photos, or decorations to a wall
  • Tape residue permanently damages the wall panels
  • Place flowers in vases, on top, or in front of walls
  • Decorations and flowers not in an authorized vase are removed regularly