Water Standard Drawings and Guidelines

Library of Water Drawings and Guidelines

The city public works office maintains the library of standard drawings and guidelines that are to be used to reference requirements for water infrastructure construction within the City of Missoula. These drawings and guidelines are updated as needed and engineers, architects, consultants, designers, contractors, and citizens are encouraged to regularly review this list for the most current version prior to designing or performing construction activities.

Index of Drawings

Series Number Series Title
WSD-1 (PDF) Typical Commercial Water Service
WSD-2 (PDF) Typical Residential Water Service
WSD-3 (PDF) Large (1 1/2" and 2") Meter Pit Detail
WSD-4 (PDF) Large (1 1/2" and 2") Irrigation Meter Pit Detail
WSD-4a (PDF) Large (1 1/2" and 2") Irrigation Meter Pit Detail - City Projects
WSD-5 (PDF) Typical Trenchbox Configuration
STANDARD DRAWING-1 Miscellaneous Water Drawings
STANDARD DRAWING-2 Miscellaneous Water Drawings

Water Service Guidelines

Series Number Series Title
WG.1 (DOC) Commercial Water Service Guidelines
WG.2 (PDF) Cross-Connection/Backflow Protection Program
N/A Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Form (PDF)
WG.3 (PDF) Requirements for Missoula Water Taps
WG.4 (PDF) Residential Water Service Guidelines
WG.5 (PDF) Engineering Consultant Project Checklist
WG.6 (PDF) Inspection Observation Minimum Requirements
WG.7 (PDF) Bid Document Review Checklist
WG.8 (PDF) Sample Water Main Easement