Water Rates/Request a Water Meter

Missoula Water Rate Schedule Information

The City of Missoula adopted the same rate structure as the one used previously by Mountain Water.

  • Customers are billed at a metered rate or at a flat rate.
  • Metered customers are billed a service charge based on the size of meter on their property.
  • Most residential customers have a 5/8 inch meter and are charged $16.26 base rate.
  • Metered customers are also billed a consumption rate of $1.9156 per 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons of water.
  • Flat rate customers are billed based on rooms, baths and toilets in the home.
  • If a flat rate customer decides to install a meter, that is a permanent change and can only be made by the homeowner.
  • The minimum flat rate charge is $49.17, but increases by $5.85 with each additional room over four rooms.
  • Flat rate irrigation customers are billed based on square footage of the irrigated area.

For commercial accounts and more detailed information, please see Missoula City Ordinance 3576 (PDF).

If you would like to view a comprehensive list of rates, please see Missoula Water Rates (PDF).

Requesting a Water Meter

Are you currently a flat rate customer who wonders if metering your water would be in your best interest? Missoula Water will install a meter free of charge if no plumbing reconfiguration is necessary. Please schedule an appointment with Missoula Water's service department to assess the ability to install a meter at your property by calling 406-552-6700. If plumbing reconfiguration is necessary, Missoula Water will supply a meter to your plumber for installation and will need to inspect the installation afterwards to change your billing.