Housing Policy

City of Missoula Housing Policy aims to create a cohesive policy and program approach in the city to minimize barriers and provide financial incentives where possible to promote the production and preservation of diverse, healthy, and safe homes that all Missoulians can afford.

Housing Policy Vision

Homes build strong communities.

  • Safe and healthy homes are the foundation of childhood educational success.

  • A diversity of home types and affordability levels allow for a robust and thriving local economy.

  • Safe and healthy homes support individual and community health.

  • Access to homes we can afford enables Missoulians to improve our circumstances and thrive in our community.

Housing Policy Steering Committee

In December of 2017 Mayor Engen invited a diverse group of citizen stakeholders to inform HCDin the development of a guiding framework and broad based strategies to address housing supply and attainability.

Process Documents and Local Guiding Research

Technical Working Groups

HCD is currently moving into Phase II of housing policy work. This phase will be defined by the creation of Technical Working Groups, to distill the broad direction provided by the HPSC into specific policy recommendations. This work will take place between August and December of 2018.

Process Documents

Housing Policy Updates

  1. UM Student Group Gathers Input for Missoula Housing Policy

    University of Montana students will visit neighborhoods in March to gather feedback for City Housing Policy. Show More...
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