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The City of Missoula's Urban Forestry Division exists to maintain, enhance, and expand Missoula's urban forest. This is accomplished through tree pruning, planting, hazard removals, and assorted other cultural treatments that improve the overall condition of Missoula's urban forest and consequently the quality of life in Missoula, Montana.

Missoula's urban forest is made up trees lining streets in parks, river corridors, backyards, front yards, alleys, cemeteries, plazas, and parking lots. In 1991, Missoula established a comprehensive tree care program that provides full service to the community's urban forest.

Contact the Urban Forestry Division via email or phone 552-6253. Our office is located at Park Operations, 100 Hickory St., 59801.

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Additional information about boulevard trees

For more information, please see the City Ordinance Number 3043 (PDF) Amending Chapter 12.32 Missoula Code Entitled "Comprehensive Tree and Shrub, Planting, Pruning, and Maintenance Regulations."

Tree care and planting guidelines are found in the Technical Appendix (PDF).

City accepting public comment on updated boulevard regulations through May 21, 2019

The City of Missoula Urban Forestry Division invites residents to comment on proposed changes to City street tree and boulevard ordinances through Tuesday, May 21. Email your comments to City Forester Chris Boza at citytrees@ci.missoula.mt.us. The current regulations and proposed changes are posted here:

Current regulations:  MMC chapters 12.48 and 12.32

Proposed changes: DRAFT UPDATED 12.32   DRAFT UPDATED 12.48

The Urban Forestry Division hosted a public workshop to present proposed changes to Title 12 of the Missoula Municipal Code (MMC) on Thursday, May 9.

Boza says the current regulations were written decades ago and need to be updated to reflect current trends in City planning and urban forest management.  “These ordinances affect everyone, including renters, property owners, developers and home builders.  We’re seeking to clarify how boulevards should be maintained, what types of vegetation may be planted and where, and how boulevards can best be developed to create safe, welcoming streets and sidewalks. Most importantly, the proposed regulations will set us on a path to renew and revitalize our aging urban forest,” Boza says.  

Title 12 of the municipal code governs streets, sidewalks and public places, Chapter 12.32 covers street trees, and Chapter 12.48 regulates boulevards.   

The May 9 workshop is the first step in a public process. After gathering public comment at the workshop and via email at citytrees@ci.missoula.mt.us through May 21, City staff will draft new ordinances and forward them to the City Attorney and City Council for review and consideration.  The City Council is required to approve all City ordinances, and will accept public comment throughout the approval process. 

Boza says the proposed changes will make boulevard and public tree regulations more understandable and user-friendly. “Most property owners don’t even realize they have a responsibility to maintain adjacent boulevards,” Boza says.  “We’re working together with citizens to streamline these regulations and make them clear and consistent across the board.”

For more information, call 721-PARK (7275.)

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