At-Risk Housing Coalition (ARHC)

The At-Risk Housing Coalition (ARHC) is an ongoing formal task force comprised of representatives from health and human service agencies and governmental departments. ARHC was formed in 1993 by Women’s Opportunity and Resource Development to initiate a community-wide effort to prevent and address houselessness.

In 2004, ARHC formalized as a coalition requiring membership and adherence to agreements and protocols. ARHC continues to work on issues surrounding low-income housing and houselessness in Missoula and coordinates the local effort to plan and provide comprehensive services through a continuum of care.

To apply for ARHC Membership please complete this form and email the completed form to If you are an Executive Director of an organization applying for ARHC Membership, please make sure to note this on your application and the ARHC Coordinator will email you an Executive Directors Membership form to become a member of the Executive Committee.

If you have questions about ARHC membership or operations, email Community Planning, Development & Innovation.