2021-22 PW Standards & Specifications Manual

This version of the Missoula City Public Works Standards & Specifications Manual (MCPWSS) is in effect from December 1, 2021, until December 31, 2022. All projects that have not yet submitted Stage 3 of the Public Infrastructure Review Stage Process must follow the standards and specifications, stage checklists, and standard drawings for the manual version shown below.

All projects with Stage 3 submitted between November 18, 2020, and November 30, 2021, may continue to follow the standards and specifications, stage checklists, and standard drawings for the 2020-21 PW Standards & Specifications Manual version (link also at left), or the project engineers may follow this newest version of the manual if they so choose.

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Chapter 1 – General Provisions (in progress)

Appendix 1-A – Definitions
Appendix 1-B – MCPWSS Manual Comment Form

Chapter 2 – Construction Within the Right-of-Way

Appendix 2-A – Standard Modifications to MPWSS
Appendix 2-B – Standard Drawings
Appendix 2-C – Services in Right-of-Way Request
Appendix 2-D – Street or Alley Closure Notice
Appendix 2-E – Pre-Con Meeting Agenda & Safety Checklist
Appendix 2-F – Municipal Utility Easement Template

Chapter 3 – Improvement Plans

Appendix 3-A – Building Permit Application Submittal Checklists (updated 8-10-2022)
Appendix 3-B – Public Infrastructure Review – Stage Process Checklists
Appendix 3-C – MFE Packet Requirements
Appendix 3-D – Public Infrastructure Review Stage Process Roadmap
Appendix 3-E – Improvements Agreement & Security Procedures

Chapter 4 – Water System

Appendix 4-A – Cross-Connection/Backflow Protection Program
Appendix 4-B – Water Ditch Card Template (updated 1-21-2022)
Appendix 4-C – Allowable Non-Storm Water Discharges Policy

Chapter 5 - Sanitary Sewer System

Appendix 5-A – 2021 City of Missoula STEP Manual
Appendix 5-B – FOG Sector Control Program
Appendix 5-C – Grease Interceptor Sizing Worksheet
Appendix 5-D – Sewer Ditch Card Template

Chapter 6 – Stormwater System

Appendix 6-A – Stormwater Management Site Plan Review Checklist
Appendix 6-B – Stormwater Site Evaluation Form
Appendix 6-C – Stormwater Drainage Report Content
Appendix 6-D – Stormwater Facility Maintenance Agreement
Appendix 6-E – Operation and Maintenance Manual
Appendix 6-F – Test Pit Infiltration Test Method
Appendix 6-G – Infiltration Testing Exemption Map

Chapter 7 – Transportation System

Chapter 8 – Erosion Control

Appendix 8-A – City Storm Water Compliance Permits Flow Chart
Appendix 8-B – Stormwater Permit
Appendix 8-C – Erosion Control Site Plan Review Checklist
Appendix 8-D – Landscape Agreement Form
Appendix 8-E – Construction Site Inspection Form