Health Board


  • 12:15 p.m.
  • Third Thursday of each month
  • Health Board Conference Room
    301 W. Alder Street
    Second Floor
    Missoula, MT 59802

Agendas and Minutes

The Health Board, Air Pollution Control Board, and Water Quality District Board share a common agenda.
View current and archived agendas and minutes on Missoula County's official website.


The Health Board is the policy-making body for determining goals, objectives, and programs for the delivery of public health services to Missoula residents, both City and County. The Board has statutory authority and responsibility including rule-making, adjudication, and budgeting authority. The Board is responsible for selecting the Health Officer who carries out statutory duties and directs the City / County Health Department.

The members also serve as the Air Pollution Control Board and the Water Quality District Board.


  • Seven members plus one member who serves on the Water Quality District Board
  • Three-year terms

Membership includes two citizens appointed by the County Commissioners, two citizens appointed by the City Council and one citizen appointed by the City-County Health Board (must be a licensed physician). 

Other members include

  • One county appointee serving at the commissioners’ pleasure (usually a county commissioner)
  • One city appointee serving at the City Council's pleasure (usually a city council member)
  • One member is a member of the Conservation District Board and is appointed by the Conservation District Board for a three-year term to serve on the Water Quality District Board
Members Start of Term End of Term
County Appointments:  Board of County Commissioners (BCC)       n/a         n/a
Pamela Boyd Jan. 1, 2020 Dec. 31, 2022
Dan Corti Jan. 1, 2021 Dec. 31, 2024
City Appointments:  City Council        n/a         n/a
Ross Miller (Chair) Jan. 1, 2019 Dec. 31, 2021
Debbie Johnston (Vice Chair) Jan. 1, 2020 Dec. 31, 2022
City-County Health Board        n/a         n/a
Robert Stenger, M.D.               Serves at the pleasure of the City-County Health Board May 19, 2019 May 18, 2022
Other Members         n/a         n/a
Josh Slotnick (County)             Serves at the pleasure of the County Commissioners         n/a         n/a
Amber Sherrill (City)                           Serves at the pleasure of City Council         n/a         n/a
Paul Parson                    Conservation District Board-Serves only on the Water Quality District June 1, 2018 Dec. 31, 2019


Missoula City / County Interlocal Agreement, Montana Code Annotated 50-2-106.

City Council Committee

Public Safety and Health

For more information contact the Department Liaison - City / County Health Department - Ellen Leahy, Director, 406-258-4770.


Position vacancies are advertised in the media approximately one month in advance. Interested in serving on a board? These are the vacant positions we are recruiting now.