Higgins Roundabout

City Project No. 00-038

CM 8117(3), CN 4498

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Project Description


The roundabout on Higgins Avenue at Beckwith Avenue and Hill Street opened with a ribbon-cutting and celebration on September 3.


The new roundabout is helping traffic flow smoothly, increasing safety and beautifying the area. It's making travel along Higgins Avenue easier for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians and making it safer for all to cross east and west.

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Project Funding

This $600,000 construction project is being funded with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds ("stimulus money").

Goals and Objective

Context sensitive design that improves the function and safety of the intersection so it better serves the neighborhood and accommodates all modes of transportation.


For comments, concerns, and issues, please contact Gregg Wood, City of Missoula Project Coordinator, at 406-552-6093. The following are also involved with the project:

Tom Tabler
Project Manager
Consultant Engineer, Morrison-Maierle
Ph: 406-542-8880
Steve King
Public Works Director
City of Missoula
Ph: 406-552-6345
Kevin Slovarp
City Engineer
City of Missoula
Ph: 406-552-6099

Gregg Wood
Project Coordinator
City of Missoula
Ph: 406-552-6093
Fx: 406-327-2113

Bill Maart
Construction Manager
MT Dept. of Transportation
Ph: 406-523-5863

Blair Nordhagen
Consultant Design Engineer
MT Dept. of Transportation
Ph: 406-444-9128