Impact Fees

Municipal Code Amendments

Development Impact Fee Procedures and Requirements

The City of Missoula has adopted an ordinance amending 15.66 Missoula Municipal Code entitled "Development Impact Fee Procedures and Requirements" by revising sections 15.66.020, 15.66.030, 15.66.040, 15.66.050, 15.66.070, 15.66.090, 15.66.100 Missoula Municipal Code.

Transportation Impact Fee

Section 15.66.120 titled "Transportation Impact Fee" was added to the Missoula Municipal Code. Other necessary amendments were also made to establish impact fees for transportation system improvements with new development in accordance with the results of an official 2007 transportation impact fee study commissioned by the city. 

Section 15.66.130 titled "Impact Fee Advisory Committee" was created pursuant to City Council Resolution No. 7172 in accordance with Montana Code Annotated section 7-6-1604.

This is effective as of January 9, 2008.

Ordinance History


  • Resolution 7172 - A  resolution of the Missoula City Council adopting a City of Missoula procedure for establishing an Impact Advisory Committee.  (October 23, 2006)
  • Resolution 7411 - A resolution revising Resolutions 4100, 4128, 4526, 4578, 5422, 6570 and 6755 amending the sewer administrative fees charged, amending the administrative guidelines, adding development agreements, and city impact fees for future urban infrastructure in the City's policy for review and approval of requests for sewer service to property outside the corporate limits.  (April 6, 2009)
  • Resolution 7521 - A resolution designating $30,200 of transportation impact fees to transportation improvements in the Downtown Transportation Impact Fee Area.  (April 19, 2010) 
  • Resolution 8034 - A resolution amending the fiscal year 2016 budget to add proposed additional appropriations, revenues and budget transfers including items that were approved by Impact Fee Advisory Committee but not formally added to the budget for Parks Department projects increasing the total city budget by $401,294.00.  (December 21, 2015)
  • Resolution 8412 - A resolution approving the 2019 Service Area Report and Impact Fee Study and increasing certain impact fees by 10% as shown in Exhibit A, to partially fund public facility construction, acquisition, or expansion required as a result of new development.  (February 3, 2020)
  • Resolution 8502 - A resolution generally establishing Sxwtpqyen Area Special Transportation Impact Fees as proposed by Missoula Public Works and Mobility Department effective March 31, 2021. (March 1, 2021)

Public Process History