Hazmat & Rescue

Missoula Regional Hazmat Team

The City of Missoula Fire Department along with it's partnerships form one of 6 State Regional Hazmat teams. These teams are available as at state resource for response to any toxic release or accident that would require higher level expertise to mitigate. Teams are primarily formed relative to geographic locations and thus respond accordingly. With Missoula's intermodal transport systems on any given day the Missoula Regional Hazmat Team may be called into action to either provide containment or simply aid another agency in identifying an unknown substance.

Missoula Technical Rescue Team

Missoula's unique outdoor landscape provides an endless variety of adventure and opportunity. Any given occasion may lead to a medical emergency, physical trauma, or entrapment. The Missoula Fire Department (MFD) boasts highly trained and skilled individuals who make up the Technical Rescue Team. From plucking para-gliders off the side of Mount Sentinel, to pulling victims from the Clark Fork River, MFD has the personnel to help in any given scenario. Special technical disciplines in high angle and low angle rescue, trench rescue, structural collapse rescue, avalanche and river rescue are just a portion of what Team members prepare for on a regular basis.

River Rescue 2013