44 Ranch Park

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44 Ranch Park Playground Installation -  November 2019

Project Partners

Missoula Parks and Recreation, 44 Ranch Neighborhood HOA, private donors

Project Description

44 Ranch Park, located at 2503 Riata Rd., was constructed in 2009, but the playground equipment was left to be chosen and installed by the neighborhood. 

In 2017, thanks to a generous donation from Spectrum Aquatics, Parks and Recreation installed a large composite play structure designed for 5-12-year-old children in the park. The remainder of the playground remained empty, awaiting funding.

In 2019, the Missoula City Council allocated additional funding for the playground through the City's Capital Improvement Program. Parks & Recreation collaborated with neighborhood residents to design a complete playground that addresses the seven types of play developed by The National Institute For Play and specifically provides play options for younger children aged 2-5.

The playground will be closed for construction from Monday, November 18 through mid-December for construction.

Project Benefits

44 Ranch Park is the primary green space serving the 44 Ranch neighborhood. Since 2009, it has only contained one piece of playground equipment. The community has many households with young families who will benefit immensely from a complete playground within walking distance of their homes. Additionally, the Captain John Mullan Neighborhood is one of the most rapidly growing areas of Missoula, and this park will serve some of the new developments being proposed for the area.

Opportunities for Public Comment

Parks and Recreation worked closely with the 44 Ranch neighborhood residents to develop the playground design. The partners conducted extensive neighborhood outreach to prioritize and select the playground equipment.

Expected Timeframe

The playground will be closed until new equipment is installed, and will likely be re-opened by mid-December.

Project Costs and Funding

The 44 Ranch HOA has raised $11,900 from grants and donations. The City Council Council approved $64,500 in the 2020 CIP for the playground. The total estimated cost is $76,400.


Nathan McLeod, Parks and Trails Design/Development Coordinator, 552-6261.