Sidewalk Snow Removal


Property owners in Missoula are responsible for making sure the sidewalks adjacent to their property are clear of snow and ice. Please help us keep our community safer by clearing yours and assisting neighbors whenever possible.

Missoula municipal code (MMC 12.16.30) requires residents to clear sidewalks of snow and ice by 9 a.m. the morning following a snowfall.

  • Make sure to shovel the snow from your sidewalk onto your property--your lawn will thank you in the spring!
  • DO NOT shovel snow into the street, bike lanes, or parking lanes.
  • DO NOT cover fire hydrants with snow. The fire department won't be able to access it to fight a fire, and Missoula Water personnel won't be able to access it to make repairs.
  • DO NOT use deicing agents on vulnerable new sidewalks for two years after installation. Instead, try sand or other non-corrosive materials.

Helping Hand

We encourage Missoulians to help their neighbors or ask their neighbors for help if they can't clear their own sidewalk for some reason. We live in a friendly community, so let's be neighborly and help one another.


Check your rental agreement or ask your landlord if you are responsible for clearing the sidewalks around your rental property.


The City's policy for handling complaints about snow and/or ice on sidewalks is as follows:

1st property address complaint — Notice of Violation Letter is mailed to the property owner and tenant, if applicable.

2nd property address complaint — Final Notice of Violation Letter and intent to clear snow by City contractor for this and any future violations is mailed to the property owner and tenant, if applicable.

3rd and ALL future complaints that calendar year — No notice by mail will be given to the property owner or tenant. Snow will be removed by a City contractor, and a bill will be sent to the property owner.

Lend a Hand - girl smiling holding snow shovel


To report sidewalks that have not been cleared, call 406-552-6630 or fill out the Sidewalk Snow/Ice Complaint Form.

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