Request Accident, Case, or Incident Report

PLEASE CALL THE MISSOULA POLICE DEPARTMENT AT 406-552-6303 BEFORE REQUESTING YOUR REPORT. We can verify what information will be available to you and can take the requests and payments over the phone for your convenience. 

The Missoula Police Department will make every effort to provide the requested report within 7-10 business days from the date your request is received, however, sometimes circumstances will dictate a later release date (for instance: the incident/accident is still under investigation, the officer has not completed the report, staffing issues, etc.).


  • $7.00 - Involved Party (any victim, suspect, witness, business or additional personal listed on the report)
  • $26.00 - Third Party and Public at Large (any person, association, organization or representative acting on behalf of an involved party or who represents a financial interest in person or property or anyone from the public at large)
  • $26.00 - Photos (if available)

These fees are established by the Missoula City Council.

What you will get...

Case or Incident Reports:

Public information is available to any persons making a written request for information regarding a reported incident. The release of public information is defined by Montana Administrative Rule 23.12.203 as it relates to Initial Offense Reports - including the general nature of charges against the accused, offense location, name, age & residence of accused, name of victim (except sex crimes), and the identity of a witness, unless the witness requests confidentiality. MCA 44-5-301 discusses dissemination of public information. Case Request Form (PDF)

Accident Reports:

Accident reports and accident photos are confidential. Montana law (MCA 61-7-114) mandates that accident/crash reports are confidential. Only individuals that were involved in the accident, or entities with vested monetary interest in the accident (Insurance Carriers) can receive a copy of the report. All other requests for accidents from third parties (Attorneys) require an authorization of release waiver form an involved individual. Accident Request Form (PDF)