Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)

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Why Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)?

The JEDI Resolution was passed by City Council on Monday, August 16th, 2021, establishing the City’s commitment to JEDI and an important first step in our JEDI efforts. 

The City is committed to supporting residents and local businesses through strong partnerships, collaboration, and the provision of services that create the greatest degree of equal opportunity. This is better achieved when working through an equity lens. By working with and listening to residents from every background, non-profits, health and education entities, and private business, we will together enjoy a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive Missoula--free of systemic and structural inequalities--where our community is connected and honors our individualities. A healthy and vibrant community where we are welcomed and valued and our physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs are met.

When we apply or provide resources through a lens of equity, the overall benefit to our community, economy, and environment is the greatest. When we invest in equally regardless of need, we continue to grow disparities that erode the middle class. Policies designed to address disparities for one group can improve access for all groups.

What is JEDI at the City of Missoula?

JEDI Advisory Board

The City of Missoula will serve as a partner on Missoula County's JEDI Advisory Board workgroup, which will form the JEDI Advisory Board. The JEDI Advisory Board will help facilitate County and City JEDI efforts, provide greater connection and access to all populations, and perform other duties to be determined by the workgroup.

The purpose of developing a JEDI Advisory Board is to create a community-driven advisory structure within Missoula’s local government comprised of community experts of diverse backgrounds, fields, and experiences to inform, support, align, and hold accountable Missoula City-County strategies and outcomes related to ensuring that all Missoula County residents have equitable and just access to the resources that they need for their health, social, economic, and educational well-being.

The JEDI Advisory Board is currently working as a Task Force, and is being developed by a team of community members representing a broad array of personal and professional identities, expertise, and experiences. The development team’s primary goals are to:

• Create bylaws governing the future JEDI Advisory Board

• Identify and define the JEDI Advisory Board’s scope of work

• Define the structure of the advisory board

• Develop and execute the JEDI Advisory Board’s recruitment and application plan

• Support the onboarding of the JEDI Advisory Board

In January 2023, Mayor Hess signed a resolution of the Missoula City Council to establish a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Join City County Advisory Board in January 2022.

How is the City of Missoula doing JEDI work?

JEDI Strategic Implementation Team (SIT)

What is a SIT?

The JEDI Strategic Implementation Teams (SIT) formed in Spring 2022.​ It is comprised of City of Missoula employees from many departments and levels. It is a City priority to assemble a group of individuals with diverse dimensions of identity AND willingness to exercise empathy and build strong trust, collaboration, and communication across those dimensions of diversity​.

Primary Purpose​ of the JEDI SIT

Staff work collaboratively across departments to apply a JEDI lens to all City operations, initiatives, strategies, partnerships, processes, programs and services. The goal of the SIT is to affect change within the organizational culture at the City. 

JEDI SIT Groups at the City of Missoula

Graphics of different types of groups that are doing JEDI Work
JEDI Big Four 2023

Missoula Community JEDI Network: Be the Change, Resilience Through Equity Summit

Hosted in October 2022 by the Missoula Community Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Network, this inaugural summit brought together a wide range of organizations, city and county offices, neighborhoods, health and education leaders, and other groups. Summit participants explored opportunities for creating a cohesive and holistic community approach to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion for all.

View the press release for the Be the Change, Resilience Through Equity Summit

Watch the Be Culture Keynote Address from the JEDI Summit

This training included an opportunity for learning and sharing justice, equity, diversity and inclusion research, ideas, and principles for all residents of the Missoula area. City staff from all departments attended a variety of training sessions.

Be the Change, Resilience Through Equity Summit

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