Urban Camping


Missoula does not have enough indoor shelter beds to serve everyone in need.  This leads to an increase of people looking for shelter in tents and vehicles, sometimes in public places.  The City of Missoula attempts to balance the needs and expectations of people who are living unsheltered with the needs and expectations those that are housed and our business economy.  

Cleanups & Reporting

We post information about cleanup and enforcement efforts weekly.  View our latest report or view all reports.

What we can do

  • Enforce health and safety codes
  • Keep public spaces open for public use
  • Work with community partners to connect people with alternatives and solutions
  • Remove encampments that pose health or safety hazards after proper notice period
  • Perform site cleanup after proper notice period

What we can't do

  • Remove people and their tents simply for camping
  • Impose "criminal penalties for sitting, sleeping, or lying outside on public property for homeless individuals who cannot obtain shelter." (Ninth Circuit Court decision)
  • Impose criminal enforcement against homeless individuals who use "the most rudimentary precautions" a homeless person might take against the elements, such as bedding, blankets or sleeping bags. (Ninth Circuit Court decision)
  • Provide year-round shelter beds for all who need it with our current budget constraints

Cities in nine Western states are operating under the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in the Martin v. Boise case, which aims to prevent the criminalization of homelessness. Learn more about the City's process and the court ruling we are operating under.

You can report an encampment that poses a health or safety concern, prevents the use of a public space, or blocks the public right-of-way on our online reporting form or by leaving a message at 406-552-6006.

Urban Camping Update

Urban Camping Update Report

Housing and Houselessness

We are navigating the epidemic of people living unsheltered just as all cities in the West are doing.  Learn more about all of our efforts to address houselessness on Engage Missoula.  We are also working on housing initiatives to increase and diversify housing options that are affordable to all levels of our community.  Learn more about people living outdoors.