Physical Strength and Ability Requirements

Montana Physical Abilities Test (MPAT)

Effective August 1, 2009, the Montana Law Enforcement Academy will implement the Montana Physical Abilities Test (MPAT) for acceptance into the Law Enforcement Officer Basic Course. This physical abilities test is a hybrid physical ability / job sample physical abilities assessment process designed to evaluate students on essential physical capacities required to satisfactorily perform training assignments and job duties.

Implementation of this program will result in students having to meet specific and measurable standards with respect to physical conditioning. Students will be required to successfully complete the MPAT within a time frame of 6:30. Tasks replicated throughout the MPAT process include walking, climbing, carrying, running, vaulting, pulling, jumping, lifting, and pushing. MPAT was replicated from the Oregon Law Enforcement Academy.

The Montana Department of Justice provides a detailed description of the physical abilities test and a preparation guide for individuals to prepare themselves for the MPAT. These are suggestions and do not guarantee the applicant will pass the MPAT. Individuals should consult with a medical or health professional before beginning any new exercise, nutrition or supplementation program.