Where do I start?

Before you design or commission a sign, please refer to Municipal Zoning Code Title 20 for standards for maximum size, height, location, and number; 20.75.050 - Signs in Residential and Open Space/Public Districts and 20.75.060 - Signs in Non-Residential Districts. There are also standards for each sign type.

Please inquire at zoningdesk@ci.missoula.mt.us or (406) 552-6625 Mon - Fri 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. with any questions.

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1. Where do I start?
2. What are the steps to a sign permit?
3. Are there other permits required?
4. When is a sign permit required?
5. Where can I see the status of my sign permit?
6. Which signs are prohibited?
7. How is the height of a sign determined?
8. When is an engineering review required for my sign?
9. Do sign permits expire?
10. Are there standards for sign lighting?
11. What clearances affect my signs?
12. What is a Visibility Obstruction Triangle and how does it affect my sign?
13. What are the application requirements for a sign permit?
14. What are the required documents for a sign permit?
15. What is a frontage and how does it affect my sign?
16. When and where are political signs allowed?
17. What is Fire Premise Identification?
18. How is Street Addressing handled under Missoula Municipal Code?