Mausoleum Lots

Modern mausoleum

Modern mausoleum
The term mausoleum is defined as a stately and magnificent tomb.  

Mausoleums in Missoula City Cemetery are free standing, custom designed structures for individual or multiple interments.

While our cemetery is home to a few historic mausoleums, we have a spacious section reserved for these modern custom built legacies.  
Please review our mausoleum rulesmonuments page and monument regulations


Lot Size: 20' x 20' lot
Cost: $5,600 per lot


Size: 15' x 15'
There is no height restriction
Design: Must be approved by cemetery board


  Must be done by a monument company licensed, bonded, and insured with the city of Missoula
  A monument permit and fee are required
  A 5' border on all sides of structure is required within the lot

Historic above ground mausoleum

Tall above ground mausoleum, cross