Public Education Programs & Resources for Kids

The Missoula Fire Department is proud to offer the community outstanding fire prevention oriented as well as fire rehabilitation programs.

Juvenile Fire Setter Program

The Missoula Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau has personnel trained to step in when a juvenile fire setter situation has arisen. We take this situation seriously and we do our best to guide and mediate the child to understand fire science, fire risk, and fire prevention and safety. To learn more about this program and inquire about availability, please contact the our Prevention Bureau at 406-552-6210.

MCFPA Safety Trailer:

Through the Missoula County Fire Protection Association (MCFPA), a safety demonstration trailer is available at public safety-minded events. Usage is at the discretion of the MCFPA and outside agency use may incur a fee. To inquire, please contact the Missoula Fire Department at 406-552-6210.

Match Safety

In coordination with the Missoula County Fire Protection Association (MCFPA), MFD oversees and schedules a Match Safety presentation for every first grade class in Missoula County, which takes place annually in April. Match Safety focuses on not using matches or lighters as toys and discusses Smokey Bear’s rules for match safety.

Firefighter Frank’s Puppet Show
Like Match Safety, MFD works in conjunction with the Missoula County Fire Protection Association (MCFPA) to coordinate a Puppet Show presentation for every Kindergarten class in Missoula County. This show takes place annually in October. Puppet shows focus on basic fire safety like practicing fire drills, staying low and crawling out in smoke, and stop drop and roll.

Here are some excellent Fire fun resources for your junior firefighter:

Station Tours / Engine Visits / Safety Speaker
Throughout the year, by request, MFD’s engine companies visit and offer tours of our stations by request. Our prevention bureau also has 5 knowledgeable staff available to speak towards fire safety practices, fire extinguisher training, fire drill observance, as well as requested safety suggestions. For details, please see our station tour page or contact MFD at 406-552-6210.

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