Meet the Mobile Support Team

Meet John Petroff

Health and Wellness Coordinator,
Mobile Support Team Operations Manager,
Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator

John Petroff wears many hats at the Missoula Fire Department. In addition to being a firefighter, he is the the Health and Wellness Coordinator, Mobile Support Team operations manager, and Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator. Prior to his current role, John spent 14 year as a firefighter/EMT in Missoula. He has a fire science degree from the University of Montana/Helena College of Technology.

John sees his many roles as a positive change for the system as a whole especially in the responder world. He hopes that the programs will bring positive change to the operation crews at the fire department. In his free time John enjoys working on his cars and motorcycles and coaching CrossFit--which he has been doing for 13 years!

MST Team

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625 E. Pine Street
Missoula, MT 59802

Phone: 406-552-6210
Fax: 406-552-6184
Emergency: 911

MST brings a new team of responders to the scene where they can benefit both the subject and the first responders on scene. MST is made of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in a support vehicle that runs to any calls where mental health of a patient is in question. The units are supported by one PHC case facilitator who will support each unit, following up with individuals to connect them with services in our community. MST provides local consultation, screening and intervention to people in crisis, mainly those with behavioral health and substance abuse issues.