420 License Required

Starting January 1st, 2023, all cannabis related businesses will need to submit a 420 license application by logging into the Citizen Access Portal. Please apply as soon as possible to allow staff sufficient review time. Need Help Applying? Click for Instructions

Existing Cannabis Businesses

Moving forward, the 420 License will replace your existing general business license. Your current business license will be extended through Mar 31st, 2024 and you will need to apply to convert your existing license to a 420 License by Jan 1st, 2023; all existing businesses should have received a letter in the mail.

We encourage all parties interested in Cannabis regulations in the City of Missoula to subscribe for Cannabis notifications and to visit Engage Missoula for opportunities to comment on proposed regulation changes.

Recreational Cannabis Update

  • Existing Cannabis uses approved before November 2020 can switch to recreational use now.
  • Existing Cannabis uses approved after November 2020 can switch to recreational July 2023.
  • Existing Cannabis businesses can apply to add uses (extraction, cultivation, MIP etc.) now.
  • Per the State of Montana, no new cannabis licenses will be issued in 2022. (verify with the  Montana Department of Revenue - Cannabis Control Division for most up to date info)
  • Anyone can apply for recreational cannabis businesses/ uses in July 2023

420 License process flowchart; see frequently asked questions for a detailed description of process.

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