Park Rules & Alcohol in Parks

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Park Use Policies

Please see Missoula Municipal Code 12.40 (PDF) for a complete list of park regulations. Master Fee Schedule: Parks Policies and Fees 

Missoula's parks are open to the public from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, unless otherwise posted. Lighted riverfront trails are open from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. daily.  We hope that you have an enjoyable gathering. If you have any questions, please call us at 406-721-PARK.

Park Rules

Per Missoula Municipal Code 12.40 (PDF) and Parks and Recreation Rules, the following are not allowed in parks:

  • Amplified music (except as noted below.)
  • Animals, except dogs on leashes.
  • Bounce houses or inflatable play structures without a Parks permit, required insurance, and rental from a permitted vendor.
  • Charging for entry to parks.
  • Charging or selling anything in parks without permission from the Parks and Recreation Director.
  • Digging or driving stakes/pegs in the ground.
  • Firearms (PDF) (details below.)
  • Fireworks (PDF)
  • Motorized vehicles except in designated areas or with a Parks vehicle permit.
  • Open fires.
  • Overnight parking or camping.
  • Golf.

Dogs In Parks

Dogs must be leashed in City Parks and on trails, unless otherwise posted. Dog owners are responsible for removing dog waste from city parks. Learn more.


  • See MMC #12.40.040 Exhibit B for a list of parks where alcohol is permitted.
  • Possession and consumption of beer, wine and hard cider are allowed for individuals or small groups of six or less without a permit, or for groups of seven or more with a permit, in parks listed in Exhibit B where a restroom or portable toilet is provided and is available.
  • You may purchase an alcohol permit online for Bonner Park, McCormick Park, Playfair Park, & Fort Missoula Regional Park.
  • Glass containers are prohibited.

Amplified Sound

Amplified sound is prohibited in parks with the exceptions below and further defined in MMC 12.40.065 #29 Exhibit C. Call 552-6657 to purchase an amplified sound permit.

Exception 1 - No permit required:

  • Small impromptu gatherings of 6 or fewer park users amplifying sound. Applies to the areas listed in Exhibit C as Type 2 community parks and Type 3 neighborhood parks.
    • Must be a minimum of 100 feet away from any residential housing.
    • Time duration must not exceed 1 hour.
    • Plainly audible sound needs to dissipate at a distance greater than 25' from its origin.
    • Sound origination must be located no closer than 25' from the edge of the curb or sidewalk.
    • Amplification is not permitted during school hours if the park is adjacent to a school.
    • Amplified sound is permitted during these hours only:
      • Memorial Day to Labor Day: Sun-Thurs 11 am - 7 pm; 11 am - 8 pm Fri-Sat
      • All other months: Mon-Sun 11 am - 6 pm

Exception 2 - Permit Required

  • A fee-based amplified sound permit is required for large events of 7 or more park users as set forth in Exhibit C designated as Type 1 community parks and Type 4 neighborhood parks including Bonner Band Shell, Fort Missoula, McCormick and Silver Park.

Firearms Prohibited in Parks

Per Missoula Municipal Code 8.58 (PDF), firearms are prohibited in the following parks and trails. To report violations, please call the Missoula Police Department at 911. Parks and Recreation is not an enforcement agency.

Firearms prohibited in these parksAddress
44 Ranch2503 Riata Road
Anderson220 Blaine Street
Bancroft Ponds/Children's Fish Pond34th and Bancroft
Bellevue3925 Paxson Street
Ben Hughes183 S Easy Street
Bess Reed225 S Pattee Street
BN Plaza/Circle Square100 E Railroad Street
Bonner1600 Ronald
Boyd3131 Washburn Avenue
Caras123 Carousel
Cattail Corner1200 SW Higgins
Clark Fork Natural200 Chestnut Street
Downtown Lions520 N California Street
Elms3101 Elm Park Drive
Fort Missoula West3301 South Av West
Fort Missoula East3025 South Av West
Franklin2100 10th Street
Garland4810 23rd Avenue
Greenough1001 Monroe Street
Gregory707 Van Buren Street
Honeysuckle4331 Barbara Lane
Jacobs Island6 S Van Buren Street
Jeffrey6905 Alisha Drive
Kiwanis350 Kiwanis Street
Lafray616 Lafray
Lester200 Sentinel Street
Lincolnwood North4505 Fox Farm Road
Little McCormick711 Toole Avenue
Maloney Ranch5200 Big Fork Road
Marilyn6000 Linda Vista Boulevard
McCormick600 Cregg Lane
McLeod1651 North Avenue W
Memorial Rose Garden800 Brooks Street
Montana Rail Link2300 Johnson Street
NicoleLinda Vista Boulevard and Nicole Court
Northside800 N. 6th
Penland150 Penland Way
Pheasant Run2425 Garland Drive
Pineview1010 Pineview
Playfair3001 Bancroft
Pleasant View4101 Lexington Avenue
Rainbow6530 Linda Vista Boulevard
Sacajawea810 S Orange Street
Silver900 Cregg Lane
Skyview5550 Skyview Drive
South Hills to Meadow Hill Safe Route To SchoolMap
Southside Lions2100 Bow
Syringa1465 Lower Lincoln Hills Drive
Toole202 S 4th Street E
Wapikia134 Tahoe Drive
Westside1100 Sherwood
Whitaker511 Whitaker Drive
White Pine1551 Scott Street
Commuter trails (PDF) as described in Missoula Municipal Code 8.58 (PDF)

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