Risk Management and Claims

The City's Risk Manager receives, submits, and manages claims in all areas including workers' compensation, liability, and property. 

To submit a claim, complete the applicable form and return it to the Risk Manager (c/o Human Resources) for processing. Once received, an electronic claim will be transmitted to the Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority (MMIA). MMIA is the City's Risk Retention pool created by the cities and towns of Montana to manage municipal risks.  MMIA will assign an adjuster to investigate the claim. The MMIA adjuster is tasked with determining if any liability exists on the part of the City of Missoula. In order for any member of the public to recover damages from the City of Missoula, it must be shown that the city breached a duty of ordinary care and that such a breach was the direct and immediate cause of the damage.Risk Manager Signature_website