The Communications Program:

  • Provides news and information about the City of Missoula operations and activities to the public and the media
  • Provides unity, graphic design, photographic, and advertising support to other City departments
  • Writes and issues press releases, schedules news conferences, arranges public appearances, and prepares information materials for public distribution
  • Develops and manages content for the City of Missoula website, including coordination with a website team of approximately 20 staff members.
  • Coordinates City government programming for presentation on MCAT Channel 11, Missoula's civic and government access cable channel.
  • Prepares promotional campaigns, reports to citizens, literature, brochures, and video productions for the City in cooperation with City departments
  • Provides communication training opportunities and monitors the City's communications plan and policies as envisioned by the Mayor

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This Department's purpose is to provide service to the City of Missoula in these areas: