Current Projects

Conservation Lands Resource Management Planning

Resource management planning to help guide the future management of Missoula's Conservation Lands.

Currents Center for Recreation and Creativity

For decades, Missoulians have identified the need for expanded indoor recreation space to provide more opportunities to lead a healthy lifestyle and come together as a community. The Currents Center for Recreation and Creativity would expand on Currents Aquatics Center in McCormick Park to create a one-stop destination for health and wellness, cultural and community events and instruction, and youth and adult sports. Centrally located downtown and along the Riverfront Trail System, the community center will be accessible, inclusive and inviting. The Converge Foundation is a new non-profit organization that supports programs and spaces in a year-round, welcoming facility for all residents to enjoy.

Park Interpretation and Signage in North Riverside Parks

Missoula Parks and Recreation, the Downtown Missoula Partnership, and Destination Missoula are working to develop a Media Implementation Plan. This plan includes three unique and adjacent parks: Caras Park, East Caras Park, and Bess Reed Park. Ron’s River Trail connects the three parks.

Northside Pedestrian Bridge Repairs